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Porcelain Printers - Tiles, Dishware, Mugs, Floors 
We put your picture, image or photo on Porcelain & Ceramic Tile. Great for back splashes, kitchens, bathrooms, shower area, restaurants, home or business. Also Dishware, plates, mugs, platters, bowls, pet bowls and, Swimming pool floors, Memorial tiles, Christmas Ornaments & Coasters 

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Custom Printed Tiles that last...really last.
Any design you want, we are not cheap but the

best - in durability (50 year written warranty)
best - in detail up to 1200 dpi
- in easy to install and maintain
and full color with no minimum order!

Your Photo or Pattern Becomes Wall Tile (see more below) also custom printed Floor Tile and Outdoor Tile as well as  Accent Tile (individual tiles)

Shower Walls - you pick your photo.
Upload your picture to us.
We print it on 4 or 6 inch Daltile (wall tile) or even cut the tile if you need that *special size. Custom cut tile in all kinds of sizes up to 11 x 17
Also small 2 inch tile (for swimming pools & shower/spa floors)
And you have your custom mural!

Shower with our water looking more like a falls than a shower.
Want even more custom tile ideas? Call us
toll free 1 855 410 8797 hit ext. 1 (sales) or
email us here
Need a photo, email or call us we can help.
Or we have an account with Adobe.
Search through, and give us the file name & file number - and we can print that picture on tiles, dishware, mugs, bowls. Personalized Porcelain.
You can choose from 10 Million pictures if you don't have one already.
If you have a photo in mind, upload it here:

John Ash who is both our dealer and a contractor in West Virginia Sold and Installed this entire shower area including this stunning 6 x 8 foot custom photo on wall tile. This image is shot from the mountains in western USA with wild elk.

The image on the left is the walk in shower entrance and showing 1/2 of the mural. The photo on the right is more (but not all) of the entire custom wall mural.

If you are in the West Virginia area, or in Pittsburgh or Columbus, John can help you both with selling you printed wall or floor tile, and getting it installed also.  If you are in the area, call John 740-680-7302

Shower Area. Instead of boring white walls, add some
spark and style to your shower area!

Call us 416 410 8797 or 1 888 271 4208 ext. 1 for sales or ext. 2 for sales support or payment info.

Upload your picture to us.
 email us here
Want to see in action how durable our print is?


Swimming Pool Tiles and we can print your custom tiles in black and white or full color.

Back wall at your favorite restaurant or club!
Now, picture this room without the pictured tile on the wall.  We know how paint can set the 'mood' of a room and how color can effect us.  But we also know that a "picture is worth a thousand words", so what kind of mood or effect can we create if we change a boring white wall to a butterfly tile picture (like in the above).

Call us to discuss how we can create the mood for your home or business using our amazing photo tiles.  As long as we get a good picture we can create a great tile. 

Sizes usually 2" (for floor and swimming pools, shower area) 4", 6", 8", 10" and 12" depending on the job requirement. And over 12" up to 39" on special orders.

Conference Room
Dallas Texas

All kinds of patterns and designs - just give us the photo or image of what you want, and we will create it on tiles or dishware or whatever porcelain or ceramic you want.

call us 416 410 8797 or 1 855 410 8797

Westin Hotel (Spa Area). 

This tile is from a photograph.  We can make and install any size you want.  It really is only limited to the size of your wall or floor.  
Although most orders are for the walls, we do have a floor tile that we install.
The picture above is a under the sea look which is blue and perfect for the spa. 

Public washrooms with custom tiled walls. 

Call us 416 410 8797 or 1 855 410 8797 for more details.
Some of our websites for murals and photo work.


Any Picture, Photo or Digital Image can be manufactured on almost any type or shape of porcelain and ceramic.

1 855 410 8797 or 416 410 8797

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Porcelain & Ceramic Printers.
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Wall and Floor Tile Specialist "Porcelain Printers"



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We are Porcelain & Ceramic Printers

Indoor:  Wall Murals, Back-splash, Kitchen and Bathroom, Boardroom, Restaurant Menu Walls, Showroom, Front Entrance Way (Front Wall), Shower walls, Floor Logo's, Company name on floor entrance, Showroom Floor, Spa Area tiles (wall and floor) also Christmas Ornaments.
Outdoor: Signage, Outdoor Water areas, Outdoor Walls, Memorial Markers, Cemetery Head Stones, 
Swimming Pool Bottoms.
Dishware: Dinner Plates, Dessert Plates, Platters
Cake Plates, Cups & Saucer, Mugs, Bowls and Pet Dishware too.

Upload Your Photo's Here

Watch our Video showing how durable our print is


Any Picture or Photo is all we need to get it started!

Commercial or Residential
Floor or Wall
Indoor or Outdoor
No Minimum Order Either
or our dishware line: dinner plates, mugs, bowls and more...

The sky is the limit
You are only limited by your imagination
Call us 416 410 8797
or Toll Free 1 855 410 8797

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