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One of the more creative murals we have just did here in 2017 was a post-card on to a kitchen backsplash wall tile - its a good read and here:

 Click the link above or here for "History of the Post Card"

Hi Eric, I sent an email to Tim with an attached photo of the finished tile backslash. The results were terrific and I am thankful for all your help along the way. I will definitely recommend your company to anyone that asks how I did this. I ended up going with a dark brown grout to match about 95% of the color in the overall picture. 

Best regards, Jim in Maryland

July 9th 2017


This was a 5 x 8 foot mural in a renovated shower area for our customer Brenda in Michigan at the end of 2016. She sent us two photos and an email of thanks. Here is the close-up & her testimony email below...

From: Brenda Schmalzried 
To: <Paris Group Inc. Eric Partanen>
Subject: Ram Mural
Date: Thu, 15 Dec 2016 19:12:53

The Bathroom looks great with the Mural, It looks like you are looking out a
window.   Here are 2 pictures of the finished project.   Have a Merry
Christmas and a Happy New Year. 


Note:  Brenda's job we used one of our favorites. Daltile 6 inch indoor wall tile. Consistent and popular and made in USA.

Here is a part of Brenda's mural being created in our warehouse.  On the lower left you can see part of what we call the layout or map.  For larger or complicated murals, we send you a laminated plastic print out of each tile, so your contractor or tile setter can easily install the mural.


Palm Tree Oasis On Pictured Tile Backsplash Customized Tiles

This email on:

The tile mural is finally in place!  Thought I would share a photo! - Jenna in California (see photo above)

Regina's Testimony With Pictures

This was for our customer in San Diego.  They lost a painting in a flood and only had a 150 dpi (which is way below our standard) photo of a famous resort in Honduras, that they grew up with many years ago.

We normally do not take anything less than 300 dpi, and in fact are working on a job right now (for an outside display) which one mural was 1200 dpi and the file was 1 GB (which is huge for a file). 

This customer grew up in Honduras, and had a painting in her kitchen of the resort and beach area around her house that she admired as she was growing up.

A flood occurred and ruined her cherished painting!

Someone in her family had a cellphone photo captured of her painting, but not high quality, very low dpi (dots-per-inch).  

But, this customer asked if we could do the best we could with the not so sharp but ONLY photo of a painting they once had. 

Here is the tile lay-out in our shop before we shipped it to her before Christmas 2015.

Below are the numbered tiles and the "map" we give you for the tile layout. The tile installer can easily put each pictured photo tile where it belongs.
This numbering system is also important when a tile gets broken during installation (believe me it does happen) we can quickly make another, when we know which tile in the map/layout broke. We replace it right away and usually only get our customer to pay for the shipping we replace the piece for free. Here is the layout and below it her email with "thanks"....

Hi!  The kitchen has finally been finished! Here's a picture of the tile project.  It came out great!  
Thanks, again!

God's Blessings for you from Regina DB

This is Regina's finished masterpiece using a photo that was old and almost gone forever.

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