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Porcelain Printers - Tiles, Dishware, Mugs, Floors 

We print pictures and photos on porcelain dinner plates, wedding plates, anniversary platters

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Printed Photo & Logo on Plates - we print all over porcelain plates. Such as, the (front/rim/back) and ship all over the world. 1 plate or thousands!

We know you love quality, and what better quality can you get, in a print that will NEVER fade (or wear off) and also being food safe ink that you can eat off of?

Nobody Creates & Prints on Porcelain Dinner Plates, Platters, Bowls and Mugs like we do... we are the best and your satisfaction is guaranteed we also supply restaurants see our wholesale restaurant website www.RestaurantDishes.net and that will make a believer out of you!

Also check out www.PhotoPlates.net for even more!

We even print Cake Plates! Ho Ho Ho!!
Grab one of our Cake Plates from Santa $59.00 just call or email for it.  Or add your name or date under the reindeers for $10.00 making it $69.00 or call us to give us your own picture or photo and we can make your own designed cake plates - personalized just for you!

What you get from us....

      • Custom and Personalized dishware & more.
      • Food Grade Ink. (you can eat off it)
      • Will Not Scratch Off
      • Dishwasher Safe & Microwave Safe.
      • Ask about our volume /wholesale prices.
      • Warranty on Print
      • No Minimum Orders you can purchase 1 or 1000 pieces - call 1 855 410 8797  Ext 1
      • See more items that we print on our other site, we have many sites showing our range of printed ceramic and porcelain  www.PrintingCeramic.com 

Personalized Cheese & Bread Boards.
See some that can be printed and personalized just for you - no minimum either.

This email just came in from a happy customer.

Date: Tue, October 11, 2016 1:59 pm
To: "
info@picturedtile.com" <info@picturedtile.com>

 Thank you for the plate! We received it yesterday and think that it looks great!

ARTUR SZUSTER, Associate Director
Dining Services – All Divisions

Closer relationships live here every day. 
Brookdale Senior Living Chicago Illinois

 This is the plate, that we created for Brookdale Senior Living in Chicago (home of the world series champs - The Cubs!) It was a gift for a much loved staff that was leaving after many years.  24 kt real gold double band rimmed. (printed front and back!)

This Testimony also just came in from Jeff Coates.
Thank you Jeff for allowing us to show others our amazing Detailed Print Technology....

We were printing Jeff's plate on a 10.25 inch 24 kt. Gold Rimmed (single band) Plate. You can have your printed plate or platter too.

The problem was that our customer Jeff, had his 3 sons printed plates done a long while back (these were done by screen printing, our method wasn't available then) and then his middle plate broke!
This plate was his son Sean's plate - now broken.   So, Jeff contacts us to see if we can replace it, which we did finding him the exact plate in size and gold and printed it. But now with newer and more detailed technology - we call "Chemology"...Here is what Jeff had to say:

Email Sept 9 2016

Hi Eric – The plate arrived on Tuesday and it looks awesome. Thanks so much for all the work you and your team put into matching the existing 2 plates.

The plate from Paris Group is the best of the bunch. Maybe that will help make up for the fact that my middle son, Sean was missing his for 15 years.

I have attached a photo of all three plates. Sean’s is so good that I’m trying to talk my wife into redoing the other two. I will highly recommend your company to any of my friends. I’m sure that when we have grandchildren, someday, we will continue the plate tradition by ordering them from your company.
Jeff Coates

Here is his wall now that his middle plate is back with the other two!

Square Plates Printed - and amazing!


These are large 10 inch square porcelain dinner plates that were created for a Sail Boat Racing Club for their awards. Congratulations guys - the plates turned out spectacular. You can customize your own plate with words on the rim or face - anyway you want them...and oh yeah, they are also 100% food safe! These printed square dinner plates not only look good but they are usable - eat off them, put them in a dishwasher. These printed plates can be admired and used!


McDonald's a happy customer using our platters as corporate recognition and reward.


Porcelain Dinner Plates and Platters, (we print on almost all porcelain and ceramic) and all printed with Food Grade Ink. Used for Company Logo's, Restaurants or for Anniversaries, Birthday's, Thanksgiving & Christmas, Retirement Gifts, Baby Shower Gifts, Wedding Platters/plates.

This plate was made for a artists production, showing we can print in any color or one color the price is the same.
See our Canada 150 Birthday Plates for the 150 year anniversary for Canada in 2017.
We are using approved logo on porcelain plates with food safe ink. See more at our other website

Expensive Wedding Plates

These 24 Kt gold Wedgewood plates were brought to us for a Asian Wedding. How did we do it? Since we don't speak the language??  Easy...
Our Wedding Planner Clients gave us through email their exact wording that we could copy & paste into our computer system (so there is no mistakes or us re-typing words).  
Also, these plates are not what we stock ourselves, so we had to test their plates first to see if it would work these were bone-china 24 Kt gold Wedge Wood Dinner Plates.  The 'test' works about 90% of the time, we do charge for testing and any breakage we are not responsible for. 

These were from what we gather, words from the groom to his new bride, that when she received her plate it was covered in food (remember we are food-safe) and she didn't see or even think that hidden underneath her food were words she would never forget! Words her new husband just blessed over her that were revealed as she ate... Amazing!


Gold Banded Rimmed Plates with print on the rim. We don't print in  metallic colors but can print in yellow's or darker yellow that look real amazing.

Custom Dinner Plates & Platters
City of Toronto Dinner Plate.

custom personalized plates - we print all over the plate.

Also our custom cake plates - Printed Cake Plates

* Picture is Clear Like A Photo. Up to 1200 DPI (HD quality)
* AND picture or photo print, will not fade or wear with use!
* Food Grade, FDA approved, Ministry of Health (Canada) approved. Also passes Prop 65 (California)
* Nobody prints like we do on platters and plates! And No Minimum's

Call us 1 855 410 8797 ext 1 (sales) or 416 410 8797

 We sell brass plate stands too. Ask that with your order.

They come in 2 sizes for the plates and also for the tiles.

1 855 410 8797 ext. 1
416 410 8797  ext. 1
We print food safe ink INside the bowls too.  This can be full color or a corporate logo or text. We can also print on the rim too.  This one was for Nova and this was a 8.5 inch rimmed bowl.

We have in stock a large supply of porcelain commercial grade plates.
We also produce printed dinner plates for restaurants and the US Navy, various companies in bulk as well. Call or email us if that is your requirement.

Also, if you are looking to be a dealer or re-seller with us, please call or email as well.

All our porcelain whether its murals or coasters or floor tile, are all made with our unique "Chemology" system (is what we call it) and it produces up to 1200 dpi (very clear) images and pictures or text (words) that WILL NOT FADE and for dishes and mugs, they are food grade, even up to prop 65 in the California.

Some "facts" about the plate you are going to receive:

  1. 100% Food Grade, you can certainly 'use' these plates & platters to eat off of. We pass all Government approvals.
  2. The images or text (wording) is so permanent, we give a 10 year warranty that it will not fade or wear away, even if you use it in a restaurant environment, its that durable! (25 year warranty also available)
  3. Your image is safe with us, it wont fade away, but also we can print anywhere on the platter, rims, center or even the backside (underside) of the plate or mug.
  4. Virtual Samples are available, showing you a 'good idea' what it would look like, there is no charge for that. 
  5. Average job takes 2 to 3 weeks, but we do have a 'rush' service if you need it, there is an additional charge for that, but hey, lets face it, we all need it from time to time.

Remember, these plates can be used, so eat off them, treat them like a normal plate if you want to. You will NOT scratch the image...or just hang them on the wall if you want as well. Its your plate after all!

Now, here are some of the plates and platters you can purchase for your next event.
Note these are retail prices. If you have a larger order (a few or many pieces) or have something a little different than what is here - please call our sales office at 1 855 410 8797 or 416 410 8797 or skype: ezeric1
or email info@PicturedTile.com

This is a 12" double gold (real gold) so you have to hand wash them or you can kiss the gold goodbye down the drain! The image wont come off though.

Sizes in the double gold band are:  
Note: this includes plate and 2 print areas.
Plate printed in full color, we do not print in metallic but all colors.
9 inch plates and above are dinner plates, and under 9 inch are considered dessert plates, side plates or salad plates.
Model J064761 is 6.37 inch   $149.99 includes 2 print areas
Model J064771 is 7.5 inch     $159.99 includes 2 print areas

Model J070641 is 9.62 inch   $169.99 includes 2 print areas
Model J064781 is 10.62 inch $179.99 includes 2 print areas
Model J064791 is 12 inch      $189.99 includes 2 print areas

Print Areas: (minimum is 2 print areas; top rim and center of plate)
You can purchase a 3rd (which is bottom rim) if you need it.
Please use drop down to order through PayPal. There is also an area there for your text to be added - its really simple.

Once you get a receipt paid through paypal, copy that receipt number and include your name and upload your photo (for the center area) with the receipt number and name. Or you can email the picture with your PayPal receipt number and name instead.

Gold Band Various Plate Sizes and Print Areas
Add Your Text Across Top Rim
Add YourText Across Bottom Rim

Need to ship internationally, outside of USA & Canada.

Plain White Restaurant Quality
Porcelain Dinner Plates and Dessert Plates

If you would rather not use the gold banded plate, there are some advantages for plain white porcelain dishes.

  • One, its less expensive, because you are not using the real gold!
  • You can put the printed plate in a dishwasher and microwave without any problems.
So, it's done the same way of just sending us your image and choosing 1 or 2 print areas. If its 3 or 4 print areas call us 1 855 410 8797 ext 1.

You can purchase single plate orders with 1 or 2 print through PayPal.

All The Print Areas: (1 or 2 and also 3 and actually a 4th print area is the underside or bottom/back of plate)

Note: To purchase multiple plates or print in 3 or 4 areas, please email or call us 1 855 410 8797 ext 1 we do these all the time but its not an online sale (as it gets too complicated to do online).

Please use drop down to order single plate orders with one or two print through PayPal. There is also an area there for your text to be added - its really simple.

Once you get a receipt paid through paypal, copy that receipt number and include your name and upload your photo (for the center area) with the receipt number and name. Or you can email the picture with your PayPal receipt number and name instead.

White Porcelain in Various Sizes & Print areas

Need to ship internationally, outside of USA & Canada.

Once you have your wording on upper rim and wording
for bottom rim (if you want that added) with your photo we will
get your order ready within 2 to 3 weeks and ship it to you ready for use. If you are wanting shipping further away, outside of North America not a problem. Just purchase Paypal additional shipping and we will get it to you, please add more time though for the distance it has to travel, but no problem, you will have your plate or platter.

we can use any photo or image you send us, but often they are old images especially for a 50 anniversary or a 80th birthday. That is okay, we can work with it. It may not come out perfect clear (because your photograph wasn't that clear to begin with) but we can still make it look beautiful with a lasting impression.

Note: if you would rather a photo with text around the photo without anything on the rim, that is okay, its is charged as 3 print areas. Its just that most folks want it on the rim, but some would only want it above the photograph and below it. Either way its one top and one bottom print/text area plus the photo for the 3rd print area.

If you want it like this, please stipulate in your upload (in the messages area) or in your email.

Some folks only need a plate for business purposes or a corporate gift. That is okay too. Simply use the PayPal purchase area here for our corporate one print areas.

One Print Area Top Rim

Need a few printed photo dinner plates or even more? Small orders 10 or more to thousands needed - email or call us!

Dinner Plates or Dishware printed or photograph of logo in bulk or volume here.

If you are needing corporate plates in volume, please call toll free  
1 855 410 8797
or dial us direct or Text (from cell/mobile) to 416 410 8797 or email us, with your name address and phone number with your request.

These 1200 plates above were a commercial job with a corporate logo. Closeup of this printed porcelain plate with corporate logo below.

Need more than 1 plate?
Want to be a re-seller or have a corporate need for dishware/plates - call 1 855 410 8797
or direct dial or text (from cell/mobile phone) 416 410 8797

Now for some Platters, if you would rather. As Well As Square Plates.

White porcelain platters come 12 inch 14 inch and 16 inch platters.

12 inch white porcelain platter
14 inch white porcelain platter
16 inch white porcelain platter

White Platters in various sizes and print areas.
Add Your Text Across Top Rim
Add YourText Across Bottom Rim

Square Plates come in only a few sizes. 
7 inch
10 inch
12 inch

Print is 2 print areas or 3 print areas. Just like before.

Porcelain Square Plates with Various Print Areas
Add Your Text Across Top Rim
Add YourText Across Bottom Rim

We also have these scrolled edge square plates this is 12 inch it also comes in a smaller 10.5 inch scrolled edge square dinner plate.

Porcelain Square Scrolled Edge Plates with Various Print Areas
Add Your Text Across Top Rim
Add YourText Across Bottom Rim

Porcelain Trays or Serving Piece or Dresser Tray.
All kinds of sizes and printing with photo available.

The one above was last years model now we have model J163060 (below).

White porcelain, 15 1/2" a very large tray/platter.
Model  J163060 

Model J067711 Large Heart (any big hearted folks out there?) This one is 10 1/2 inches,  porcelain of course! Microwave and Dishwasher Safe. Great for serving chocolates or other tasty goodies.  We print on 2 places on this Top and Bottom or add a photograph or picture to it.

Model J063851 is our porcelain printed (if you want) heart shaped plate, with Angel Bow shaped openwork and embossed plate.  It is 5 inches wide, and microwave and dishwasher safe.  We can print on two (2) lines top and bottom. Also sold simply white as well no print.

Porcelain Heart Shaped Plates with Various Print Areas
Add Your Text Across Top Rim
Add YourText Across Bottom Rim

For any questions or to order in bulk (bulk starts at 10 plates or more) or request information on being a distributor please call us or email us.

Toll Free 1 855 410 8797
Direct Line /or text 416 410 8797
Showroom 905-853-1000
Skype: ezeric1 (when available)
More Printed Photo Plates Here
email: info@PicturedTile.com

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