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Photo Murals Floor Tile

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Custom Floor Tiles.

We lead in custom printed floor tiles.

This was on 12 x 12 inch tile custom printed for the Pensacola Florida Naval Hospital. We should have the entire printed and installed floor to share here soon. 

This is what we do.

Walk on it...I mean this is a hospital...Dance on it..Skip on it, it is that good.  Trust it and call us 
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Our tiles for floor, can be stepped on, and used, and washed. 
We also print floor tiles for business logos or for restaurants/hotels/churches and more...

These were made for stairway "risers" that is the vertical part, not the step part of a staircase. So when you are looking at the stairs, from the ground looking up, you can see the mural, like 3d.

More Custom Floor Tiles

Custom Image Printed On Tile for
 Laundry Room Floor

Custom make your own floor tile, this laundry room floor tile was only 4 square feet and what a difference it makes in the room.

Top image on upper left is the installation. We were using 12" floor tile.  Image on bottom right is a close up of the complete installed pictured tile on floor. The long image is also the complete version showing the washing machine and more of the room.  These floor tiles will last, and we print custom floor tile both for residential and commercial applications.

This video shows our print is scratch proof and other dye sublimated prints simply come off, they are not suitable for floor tile - like our print is!  

Buy the best.

Larger applications too...

Our Printed Ceramic Floors can be any pattern you want, and you can put them in high traffic areas - like restaurant floors (we've done them) and front entrance ways to business. We've also printed logos for church front door foyer tiles. Make your own Design with Custom Floor Tiles!

Floor Tile - Any picture you want. It just needs to be high resolution.

Custom Tiled Floor In Office.
Your Logo or Church or Restaurant Name in the front foyer of your business.

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Your Logo or Design on Tiled Floor.  If we don't have the size we also cut tile, to get the size you need.
Sizes are 2 inch to 12 inch. Our print is often 12 x 12 inch for floor tile, and can go up to 12 x 18.

If you want something larger like 24 x 24 it would be expensive and take time but it is do-able as a special order.

*Will Not Fade
*Can be used Outside as well
*Create Custom Floor Tile - Your Way
*Durable with warranty

Floor tile, any image you want.

Here is one that we just finished for a restaurant. We had to lay it out before the final process on cloth rug floors.  See the steps we take here:

Here is step 2, we have some more of the 2" floor tile.
This is going on a restaurant floor, our images will not fade or wear away, we have a written guarantee on our work.

Now closer to the finish of the layout. The tiles here are not finished (although they look good). See the detail of how much we can do, and its on your own floor! You create the design of your floor tile and the size.

Once we have it all laid out, (keep in mind this tile is laid out on the floor before we go to our kiln, we are making sure all the pieces are there and that the pieces all go together). We must check everything before the final steps.  We can create your custom floor tile, for you restaurant, business or front entrance way.

Remember we do not color match.
In order to either make the tile food safe (for dinner plates and mugs) or to keep the durability like this floor so when it gets walked on it doesn't wear off, we can't use lead or cadmium or heavy metals - this allows for these other important additions (food safe print s well as durable print 10 to 25 to 50 to 100 years depending on what you need).

Call us 1 855 410 8797 or from out of country direct
or email us info@picturedtile.com 

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