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Porcelain Printers - Tiles, Dishware, Mugs, Floors 
We put your picture, image or photo on Porcelain & Ceramic Tile. Great for back splashes, kitchens, bathrooms, shower area, restaurants, home or business. Also Dishware, plates, mugs, platters, bowls, pet bowls and, Swimming pool floors, Memorial tiles, Christmas Ornaments & Coasters 

Some more photos and a little more information on who we are / what we do...

Welcome to our showroom (which is like the first third of our showroom).
You can see  some of our printed tiles and dishware and mugs and murals. This Pictured Tile & Photo Plate show-room is constantly changing but it gives you an idea. It is actually 3 to 4 times larger than this shot, being the largest showroom in printed porcelain and ceramic in North America perhaps the world!
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Click our short video, it shows part of our large showroom as well as a huge mural we just finished. Elk on mountains mural. We've done this custom tile mural in 2 different ways, one is the horizontal layout as you see here, and the other is the vertical layout with similar "elk on the mountain" picture. 

 Our Warehouse (Loading Area)  this is where your tiles or plates whatever we are printing ends up and out those overhead doors to your place.
 Paris Group Inc. Porcelain & Ceramic Printers
Picture above...our front doors to our offices, warehouse and showroom.
Paris Group Inc.
1166 Gorham Street Unit 5 Newmarket Ontario Canada
L3Y 8W4 
Phone or Text Us:  416 410 8797

Picture Below....This is what we call "Organized Confusion".  These are 2" swimming pool tiles and are also used as floor tile, or shower floor tile. Being only 2" square, they have much better reducing slipping when wet (hence shower floor). But these tiles can also be used on front door entrance ways, or high traffic floors. Placed in one of our kilns below.

We fire your plates, mugs, tiles, memorial tiles, wedding favors, bowls, and pet bowls up to around 1600 degrees for 24 hours. This is our final step.  And do you know how much you have to organize a customers mural especially when you have more than one job and they are many many little pieces?

 We have at this time 3 kilns for production.
Our kilns for the most part run 24 hours.

Hi I am Eric Partanen and my wife Katja.
I (Eric) look after all the sales & marketing where as Katja looks after Production and Quality Control (and helps in Sales from time to time).
We are a family run business with about 10 on staff.

Paris Group Inc. are Porcelain and Ceramic Printers not screen printers or pad printers and not dye-sublimators but rather using what we call Chemology it is a chemistry and high definition "staining" your tile or plate using our food safe ink (without added lead or cadmium) thus making it safe to even eat off it or if its tile very good for the environment and with the durability and our famous warranty we give on all our print.

We print everyday and are not limited to the porcelain or ceramic or bone china we print on...all with no minimum order.

Call our offices 1 855 410 8797 or direct in the Toronto Area  (or text)
1 416 410 8797 (by the way we ship all over the world - and have shipped in the last 6 months to Spain, Europe and New Zealand too).

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Your Picture


Any Photograph, Image, Design or Pattern

Is Manufactured On To:
Porcelain & Ceramic and Bone China

The sky is the limit
You are only limited by your imagination

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