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Memorial Tiles

    We custom make memorial tiles for those that are wanting a colored tile that can go on a head stone or grave marker.

    These memorial tiles for head stones, are of highest quality.  The tiles themselves are made to industry standards across North America and most of Europe. The tiles come from Italy from the place where memorial tiles have been manufactured for years. The problem is when these tiles have been printed by other companies they are dye-sublimated and thus fade in the light.
    Many of you have sadly seen a memorial tile at a grave site and the tile has faded.
    But not with us!

    Our tiles are printed with patented process that penetrates our food safe ink (No lead in our ink) below the glaze trapping the image through a kiln at up to 2000 degrees.

    This means our tiles will not fade (ever) and we give you a 100 year warranty on it.  We put the warranty right on your invoice.  We even have (nobody else does this) limited warranty against vandalism - so we even try to help you there.

    We just want the name and legacy of your family member - remembered!  Click the above memorial tile photo to go to our other site or for more memorial tiles (that we print) check out www.memorialphotos.net

    Click to open in larger format.

    Questions or to order by phone toll free:   1 855 410 8797 ext. 1 or direct call 1-416 410 8797 or our main site for memorial tiles www.Memorialphotos.net 

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