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Kitchen Back Splashes with your own photos or images. Tile Designs for kitchen renovations or remode

We are Porcelain & Ceramic Printers!
Printing on wall tile & floor tile.  Customizing it with your own picture for back-splashes, shower wall tiles & floors, tiles for kitchen island - and outdoor tiles and tiles in the pool. As well as  other porcelain/ceramic printed items too

Working with architects and interior designers, builders and home owners. Take a look around here & see tons more.

We offer the best and we are not kidding, your
image will NOT fade or wear off - its that good. We are not cheap you can get dye-sublimation for that, but durability with warranty as well as easy to install and lasts not years but decades!

This testimony email just came in:
-------- Original Message --------
Subject: Re: [FWD: Virtual Sample for Mural]
From: Gerry M.
Date: Sun, March 12, 2017 12:41 pm
To: "info@picturedtile.com" <info@picturedtile.com>

As promised, please find attached photos of the mural you created for us affixed to the kitchen sink wall - to put it mildly, we are well pleased with it!
Thanks again!

Also....Amazing Job For Dave like a window made of tile for his bathroom in NY.

We just finished this job for Dave (see above)
in Long Island NY.
It is from their own photograph of the sun-setting on Long Island.  He had it installed with a solid wood frame around it.
We had to cut each piece 12.88 (9 41/64 inch) by 9.66 (7 7/32 inch) inches so that there would be 25 pieces in total for Dave's mural.  5 rows of 5
with an overall size of 64.41 x 48 inches.
Now like a large window, opening up the entire bathroom.
And speaking of bathrooms this is a shower wall (see below) in B&W  (black and white)...

Above is 4" wall tile (really 4.25 inch x 4.25 inch)
 Black and White Printed Shower Wall Tile. We use lots of Daltile who are a huge USA mfg.

More Personalized Tile Shower Walls and Back-Splash below.

We print lots of 6 x 6 inch tile and quite a bit of 4 tile. These 2 murals above, one is a shower wall the other a framed art above the stove. You can personalize your printed tile walls too.

We also
print floors
We also print replica tiles 
We also print your designs and logo's on dishware.

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Customer Testimony With Pictures

This was for our customer in San Diego.  They lost a painting in a flood and only had a 150 dpi (which is way below our standard) photo of a famous resort in Honduras, that they grew up with many years ago.

We normally do not take anything less than 300 dpi, and in fact are working on a job right now (for an outside display) which one mural was 1200 dpi and the file was 1 GB (which is huge for a file).

This customer grew up in Honduras, and had a painting in her kitchen of the resort and beach area around her house that she admired as she was growing up.

A flood occurred and ruined her cherished painting!

Someone in her family had a cellphone photo captured of her painting, but not high quality, very low dpi (dots-per-inch).  

But, this customer asked if we could do the best we could with the not so sharp but ONLY photo of a painting they once had. 

Here is the tile lay-out in our shop before we shipped it to her before Christmas 2015.

Honduras Resort Photo Restored On Pictured Tile For Customer
Below are the numbered tiles and the "map" we give you for the tile layout. The tile installer can easily put each pictured photo tile where it belongs.
This numbering system is also important when a tile gets broken during installation (believe me it does happen) we can quickly make another, when we know which tile in the map/layout broke. We replace it right away and usually only get our customer to pay for the shipping we replace the piece for free. Here is the layout and below it her email with "thanks"....

We Always Number Tile With Map On Murals For Easy Tile Installation

Hi!  The kitchen has finally been finished! Here's a picture of the tile project.  It came out great!  
Thanks, again!

God's Blessings for you from Regina DB

Honduras Tile Mural Installed In New Kitchen Giving Memories Forever

Here are other jobs created using cut indoor tile.

Can't find the right size tile for you back-splash or shower wall?

We can cut the tile to any size you want.  These next to images are examples of "cut tile".

Bird in flight above is something we get asked for lots, it is a cut 8 x 10 inch wall tile.  (we also cut these 10 x 12 and 11 x 15 inch as well)  Of course you choose what photo or picture you want your personalized tile to be. These cut tile are affordable and with your image can be installed on shower walls, or back-splash  - really anywhere.

You can order these 8" x 10" (and larger) single piece wall tiles, right on line here. These are Daltile (huge US Mfg.) and we cut them to various sizes, you can choose a matte or glossy finish.

We also have a speed/rush that gets the job done and shipped out within 4-7 days. Otherwise its 2 to 3 weeks for single tiles.  Murals may take longer.

To order email us or go to our up load page and add your photo with your "message" and your contact info.

Question? CALL:  1 855 410 8797 
or Call Direct (or Text Us from a cell phone)

Your Design Ideas or Picture become your new kitchen back-splash.
Don't buy someone else's tile, when you can create and customize your own kitchen wall tile or shower walls...make it the way you like

We are porcelain & ceramic printers. Like paper printers, who can print on any kind of paper, we are porcelain and ceramic printers; allowing us to "print" on any kind of porcelain and ceramic.

Photographer's Picture now a California Back-splash! 6 inch ceramic tile.

And it will not fade or scratch off. Also any tile can be easily replicated for the future. Speaking of "replicated" we have a new area on our site for "Replicated or Copying Broken or Missing Tile" Check out Replicated Tile Here

Rockies In Your Kitchen?

These are high up the Rockies in Colorado. Makes an awesome kitchen tile design or back splash.
6" wall tile we usually use Daltile  (made in USA).

It doesn't have to be a photograph for your newly designed tile. We often get patterns or a look that is not a photograph. Anything that can be designed or photographed (as long as its a quality image) can be tile for your kitchen. 
If you are kitchen redecorating or remodeling, you can add some of our own wall tile or accent tile or floor tile in any design you want.

 Create Your Own Design or pattern for the tile mural....
Don't need a photograph of nature per se.
Your own design or idea is now reality!

Commercial Kitchen Back Splash Tiled Wall Mural.
Want to step out of the home kitchen and create a back splash or tile wall for a restaurant. We do all kinds of restaurant or hotel or casino (sports teams) wall murals but also corporate logos for their tile floors.
And since we are porcelain and ceramic printers, we print on all kinds of dishware, bowls, platters, plates, cups/saucers and mugs and we have then in easy inventory too. See our other website (for dishes)

More restaurant tile designs here:
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Restaurant Wall Tile your unique design or pattern.

And also matching printed dishware we can print and customize for you. 

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