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Porcelain Printers - Tiles, Dishware, Mugs, Floors 
We put your picture, image or photo on Porcelain & Ceramic Tile. Great for back splashes, kitchens, bathrooms, shower area, restaurants, home or business. Accent or decorative tiles. No Minimums. Also Dishware, Pet bowls, Swimming pool floors, Memorial tiles, Christmas Ornaments & Coasters 

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Accent Tiles & Border Tiles
Individual Tiles 
You get your photo and buy them by the piece.

Accent Tiles are basically entire images all printed on one tile.

These are tiles that 'stand out' and are usually seen on back splashes or shower surrounds.

We've also done tiles for marketing and advertising "framing" and unique styles and colors of texture.
Many uses from furniture to 'advertising' tiles in commercial buildings.

See More Accent Tiles and Design and Pattern Tiles (remember you create what you want on the tiles), these are all designs and images and patterns that our customers have sent or uploaded the photos to us.

Roses or Birds - whatever your picture is becomes tile.

www.TileDesigns.co  click our other site

Vintage Green Pattern 03192016

Vintage Blue Pattern 03192016

Vintage Red-Blue Pattern 03192016

(above) Blue Paisley Print Custom Personalized (design it yourself) ceramic tile.

Take a picture or image of a 'brick wall' and that can be part of your interior wall looking like brick.
Or take a photo of "old wood", or "pebbles" or "clouds" and that can be your edging or border tiles! 

Patterns for Incredible Kitchen Island!

Client wanted a certain look and design and color.
We can take a photo or design of anything and make tile out of it!

 And you can put our Pictured Tile almost anywhere.

These accent tiles have your picture or photo on them.  Making the entire photo on 1 tile, not on a number of tiles (like a wall mural).

This pattern we can create a border (or framing) tiles.
Like this one below:

This is what we mean by Border Tile.
Tiles that can 'frame' something else or run along windows or back-splash or walls for decorative purposes. You can take a photo of anything. A close up can give you a color or pattern, that will stand out to your finished work.

Now you can make any image, or color or pattern into either accent tiles.
Or Border Tiles like this one.

Here is what it looks like in its final state:

This is the final 'Big Picture' of what it looks like!

Send us your image, and we can create accent tiles.

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These are colorful accent tiles, but we can do one
that you choose, or you can of course choose one of ours.

See More Accent Tiles and Design Tiles with
your own patterns and colors.

Design Tiles

Paris Group Inc.
Porcelain & Ceramic Printers.
Canada in Newmarket Ontario
USA in Buffalo NY  

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Some of our other websites
www.AllPIctured.com  (upload your photo's here)

We do specialty interior work with floors and walls. We also print on outdoor tiles, even in direct sun-light.

Any Picture or Photo

It's Manufactured On to
all kinds of porcelain and ceramic and some bone china too.
Commercial or Residential
Floor or Wall
Shower Walls or Kitchen Back-Splash
Interior or Exterior
Tiles for Advertising and Marketing
Signage or Trade Show Floors or Business Lobby's Entrance Ways!

Also our dishware line of printed dinner plates, bowls and mugs (both printing on the outside and INside of mugs) and personalized dog bowls too.

The sky is the limit
You are only limited by your imagination
Call us 416 410 8797 or 1 855 410 8797




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