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Porcelain Printers - Tiles, Dishware, Mugs, Floors 
 Call or Text direct: 416 410 8797 Or Chat Online with us (lower right). We put your picture, image or photo on Porcelain & Ceramic Tiles. Great for kitchen back splashes, bathrooms shower walls, home or business. Also printed custom Dishware, plates, mugs, platters, bowls, pet bowls and Swimming pool floors, Memorial tiles, Christmas Ornaments & Coasters. 

We print on all kinds of porcelain and ceramic.

- All Kinds....Every Kind...
-Kitchen back splash tiles, floor tile, shower tile, swimming pool tile, logo's on tiled floors, out-door tile, also printed dishware, designed plates, wedding favors, dog bowls & memorial tiles....
And for you Canadians the Canada150 Birthday Plates!

See our most recent testimonies here
Also our newest video on how our print doesn't scratch off like others.

*Permanent Ink. It Simply Doesn't Fade.
*Food Safe & Environmentally Safe Ink
*No Minimum Orders (pretty good huh?)

We are Porcelain & Ceramic Printers.
and not screen printers or dye-sublimators.
(there is a difference...a huge difference)

Custom: Floor Tiles, Dinner Plates, Mugs (and INside them too) and Wall Tiles.

12 Outdoor Custom Tile Murals For Iowa.

This is one of the many outdoor printed tile murals we did for the State of Iowa. Currently being completed this fall 2017 & Spring 2018. We will get photographs of these murals when they are installed on this website (stay tuned).These Outdoor Tiles were specifically for their Fire Fighters because this is the birthplace of Fire Fighters Association for the world.

These 12 murals (more photos coming as mentioned) were all explaining their rich hist
ory. Basically where "fire fighters and their brother hood/union all begun.  

This one document (above) was from the 1800's and it is signed (you can see the paper copy document on the right).  We used Olympia out door tile and cut these tiles to the size requirements. This out-door tile mural was 16" x 24". 

 Printed with our patented full color and durable process. These tiles will not fade (and that is the most concerning problem with printing tiles for outdoor use) and we give these a 100 y
ear warranty not to fade.  Amazing printed tile technology and durability.  

But ....
also being able to capture the detail.  We were able to print on the tile all the fine/delicate signatures from the 1800's and make it all readable on the mural - 1200 dpi (that is dots-per-inch) and that is HD quality!

More photos of this huge job will be coming forth over the next few months as there were many murals.

This was taken from an old map (see paper copy on right of photo) then we produced this for State of Iowa. Outdoor tile and 100 year warranty.

Photos of our showroom (we have the largest printed tile showroom anywhere)  and a picture of  part of our warehouse 

More about us here
 Personalized smaller porcelain & ceramic items

Also our newest ColoringBookTiles.com website

coloring book tile any pattern you want

Paris Group Inc. "Porcelain & ceramic printers from mugs to murals!"

This is our cut 10 inch by 16 inch wall tile, we also make the same size for floor. Can be personalized tile any way you want and can be made for outdoors as well. We can also cut it to other sizes.

We Change Boring (yawn) Walls  and "Ho Hum"Floors
Into Works Of Art!
  • If its Porcelain or Ceramic we can print on it, tiles (for wall murals), dishware, mugs, memorial tiles, and more.
  • We Print Up To 1200 d.p.i. that means - Detailed!
  • So detailed often we get brush strokes from artwork.
  • We Have No Minimum Orders (all welcomed)
  • Our Tiles and Plates/Mugs Will Not Fade. (period)
  • Our Dishware ink on: plates/mugs/bowls & pet items are Food Safe. Passing FDA and Prop 65 requirements
  • Tile printed in all the the standard tile sizes from 2", 4", 6", 8" all the way up to 34" in size. Big or Small Tiles! And we also cut tiles if you need something more specific.
  • All Our Work has Written Guarantee's from 25 years up to 100 year on our memorial tiles, and other tile jobs.
  • We create HUGE tile murals, down to custom coasters (see coasters) & Christmas Ornaments (ornaments).  See more items we print on. www.PrintingCeramic.com 
  • Turn Around is usually 3 to 4 weeks. We also have a 8 to 12 day "rush service" also.
  • Virtual Sample's Available As Well. (emailed)
  • Upload your photo or image to us
  • Media (what "Advantages Magazine" said about us). Also our radio interview on AM740. (see media)
  • See our new product our "Christmas Candy Cane Coasters" & Trivet. Also our Hanukkah Coasters as well. (see coasters)
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  •  proud of being with PPAI #711761

  •  proud  Sage Supplier # 51217

  •  proud ASI supplier 76159
  •  Also proud supplier members of the OFSA (Funeral Service Assoc) making memorial tiles for them & others.
  • Remodeling and Home Design
     also see our products featured on
  • Dealer /Distributor requests are welcomed. 
  • FAQ  - answering all the 'hard stuff'. see FAQ

You can call us 1 855 410 8797 in USA/Canada or Call/Text us from your cell/mobile 416 410 8797
Give Us Your Photo's Or Pictures.

And Through A Unique Manufacturing Process, (we term: "Chemology") we manufacture

these same Pictures/Images/Patterns - On Porcelain or Ceramic Tiles (or plates, mugs, Christmas ornaments, Pool Floor Bottoms and Pet Products!

(we can also put those same photo's on tile for counter tops, walls, floors and outside murals , signage and down to dinner plates and mugs and memorial photo tiles too.)

Shower wall showing mountains and lake...on 4 " wall tile.

Our tiles and dinner plates use a special process that we call "Chemology" which is a system that relies more on "chemistry" than "technology". Do your remember seeing ancient art, drawn sometimes in color on ancient cave walls?  That was their knowledge of chemistry or chemical reactions to clay than on technology.  And porcelain is a lot of fancy polished clay!
This is one of our many trade shows...and our CEO Lauri Partanen. This was a not-for-public trade show for the funeral home industry. We had on display our printed dinner plates (for funeral homes) as well as our never fading (100 year written warranty) on our memorial tiles.
We have more trade show pictures, as well as radio interviews and stories done on our incredible permanent printed porcelain and ceramic products. See more publication and stories here...

We Give A Warranty On Our Work

Our images are long lasting and you can have a
10 year or 25 year warranty up to a 50 year warranty and 100 year warranty, guaranteeing that on our images will not fade or flake/scratch off to white. This warranty applies to the pictures and images on the tile murals and floors but also our
porcelain dishware.

Nobody out there gives a warranty - but we do. And we will put it in writing too!

Our Process Will Change Your Tiles From Boring to Awesome!

We use standard tiles many are:
Sizes (2" to 4" and 6, 8, 10 and 12")

2" tiles are primarily used for swimming pools or for shower/spa areas and also on floors.

2" x 2" for swimming pools
4" which is two types:

4" Outdoor or Floor Tile is exactly 4 inches
4" for walls is not as thick and its actually 4.25 inches.

6" tile is often for kitchen walls or murals it is 6 x 6 inches.
We also have 6 x 8 for walls as well.
8 x 8 inch for walls (indoor) are available by special order, we usually have some in stock (and can get more in by order) but we can also cut tile, so we cut lots of it for an outdoor tile or floor tile. Thick and extremely durable.

8 x 10 inch is also a cut tile, that is fairly popular.
10 x 10 inch is used for outdoor or floors and
12 inch x 12 inch is primarily a floor tile.

Can't find a tile size that you need - relax we also cut tile to size.

Also our tiles WILL NOT FADE.
Indoor or Outdoor or Floors we've got you covered.

We also manufacture dinner plates for restaurants as well as wedding's and business. See PhotoPlates.net
See our
Dinner Plates 
Also more at our other site www.PhotoPlates.net  When we print mugs, we print ON the mug but also IN the mug see www.PrintINmugs.com also hand writing IN mugs.

When we print anything (like dinner plates to tiles) we can print up to 1200 d.p.i. (dots per square inch) Which means we can print down to real small font size (like size 5pt)

The words on this printed mug handle "Love you" are close to 5 pt size. See how clear we can print. And we can also print inside the mug, you can partially see the "Heart" on the inside of the mug.  Of course all of our dishware printing is permanent, and food safe and will not fade away in a commercial dishwasher. We print anywhere on porcelain and ceramic - just like this mug.

   See more printed custom mugs also print IN mugs.

Call 1 855 410 8797
Direct Call or Text (cell phone) 
416 410 8797

Hope you have a Merry Christmas! - 
see our neat Christmas Mugs.
With our famous printing INside the mug and on the handle too (nobody does this!)
more mugs here

We also make porcelain Christmas Ornaments. You personalize and customize the image and picture/look you want and we will make them for you.  Guaranteed with warranty NOT to fade (we always put it in writing) 

November 12 2015
Canadian Remembrance Day

We had the honor and pleasure to create dozens of 6 inch tiles for the Canadian Legion and their hall. Showing many heroic and amazing scenes of history for all to remember the cost and lives that were lost - yet not lost in vain, but to give us as Scripture says "hope and a future".  And all we can say is "Thank-you" and we ill never "forget"...

The Image above is the layout of all the finished tiles but not installed yet.

The 2 (two) photos below show how the tiles were installed and the overall design.

These were put in the only Canadian Legion Museum in Canada.

We took snapshots of some of the aging and old newspaper photos and images they had. And then to keep them, made them into tile and they now grace the walls in the Legion Museum.  
So you can see start to finish and the best way to help them and be patriotic is to give on Remembrance Day in Canada and Memorial Day in the United States.

Outside Tile

We have the only manufactured process that can produce full color tile and install them outside! This process is called "Chemology".  Its also used for cemetery 'head stones' for humans and pets.
Our Outside Tile is UV resistant and Graffiti resistant (graffiti is removed simply with nail polish remover).

100 year Guarantee NOT to fade because of UV.

See More:

Outside Tile  Floor Tile

Don't get fooled by confusing dye-sublimation with our Chemology. 
Like the story of the wheat and the weeds (tares) they look so similar in the beginning. Sublimated tiles and mugs (they don't do plates or food items except the outside of mugs) but they look 'good' at first, only to fade and when scratched or bumped the image starts to flake away.

How to know for sure, so you don't get duped?
First off, we are not dye-sublimator's, screen printers or pad printers we use a patented and expensive process to digitally stain porcelain and ceramic to make it permanent, colorful with detail and of course all kinds of porcelain/ceramic product. From tiles to platters to pet items to porcelain sinks (we do that too).

So, ask for a written guarantee for "x" amount of years.
Ask if you can put it in the sun outside (get that in writing too) ask if they make floors as well...and then ask if they print on all kinds of dishware and can they do that for sport teams (like we do) or restaurants (like we do).
Finally can they print on almost every kind of porcelain and ceramic piece? And if they are cheap in cost and wont give anything in writing - then you've got sublimated product.

Stick to ours, we've been in the sublimated world before and you wont be sorry...and we will put it all in writing too!

Swimming Pool Bottoms! Your design.
Who can do jobs like this? We Can!
These are fish and whales printed on tile and on the bottom of the pool!

Sides of Pool Walls...Want to jump in and see a dolphin in the water?
That is what the 'look' appears like, when we put our pictured tile dolphin on the side wall of your pool!

Note: these are 2" tile.

Others put sharks or coral or sting rays with photos on the tile now installed on the bottom floor of the pool. When diving in, beware! It looks like a shark down there....it really does!

Or any designs on tiles you may want the pool to look like.
Some resorts use it as a corporate logo too!

See more of our kitchen tile design ideas

This is the beautiful stony beach area, that was captured by one of our customers, wanting a large 12" wall tile made into a long mural, to be part of the border on a wall in her home...stunning when it was all said and done!

Your tiles, will be all numbered on the back with a 'map' so that your ceramic installer can easily put together your new wall or floor.
We can create your design, or give us a snap shot or picture of what you would like your tile to look like, and it will be manufactured for you.

Average jobs take 2 weeks to 4 weeks and we ship it all out to you when the tiles or dishes are printed and done
. We often use Canada Post or USPS with discounts for Canada and USA.


Thanks so much for the great looking tile!
It's everything we had hoped for....
I will be giving you a call in the next few days as I have many other photos (jpg's) that I'd like to consider tiling, but would like to discuss some options.....
Thanks again for the prompt service and the great job!
Kevin Scofield
Morrison, CO

Ocean Palm Tree View for Washroom.
Beautiful Beach Wall Tile Mural.

I just wanted to let you know that I received the tiles in perfect
condition yesterday and I can't wait to install. They are even better
than I imagined!
Thanks again
Lisa Lubbert
Montreal Canada

Here are some of our pictured tile floors as well as some of our commercial / business display in our portfolio.

See More Of Our Picture Tile Portfolio Here 

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