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Porcelain Printers - Tiles, Dishware, Mugs, Floors 
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We put your picture, image or photo on Porcelain & Ceramic Tile. Great
for back splashes, kitchens, bathrooms, shower area, restaurants,
home or business. Also Dishware, plates, mugs, platters, bowls, pet bowls and Swimming pool floors, Memorial tiles, Christmas Ornaments & Coasters 

Photographer's Picture now a California Back-splash! 6 inch ceramic tile.
And it will not fade or scratch off. Also any tile can be easily replicated for the future. Speaking of "replicated" we have a new area on our site for "Replicated or Copying Broken or Missing Tile" Check out Replicated Tile Here

We are: Porcelain & Ceramic Printers
from mugs to murals
Mugs all kinds of sizes from espresso to 17 oz mugs.
And tiles from 2 inches up to 39 inch each!


We Change Boring (yawn) Walls 
and "Ho Hum" Floors

Into Works Of Art!
  • If its Porcelain we can print on it, tiles (for wall murals), dishware (Printed Photo Plates), mugs, memorial markers, and more.
  • We Print Up To 1200 d.p.i. that means small print
  • We Have No Minimum Orders (all welcomed)
  • Our Tiles and Plates/Mugs Will Not Fade.
  • Dishware (plates/mugs/bowls & pet items) are Food Safe. Passing FDA and Prop 65 requirements
  • All the standard tile sizes from 2", 4", 6", 8" all the way up to 39" in size. Big or Small Tiles!
  • All Our Work has Written Guarantee's from 10 year to 25 year up to 100 year on our memorial tiles.
  • We create HUGE tile murals, down to custom coasters (see coasters) & Christmas Ornaments (ornaments).
  • Turn Around Can Be Rushed at 2 - 3 Weeks.
  • Virtual Sample's Available As Well.
  • Upload your photo or image to us
  • Media (what "Advantages Magazine" said about us). Also our radio interview on AM740. (see media)
  • See our new product our "Christmas Candy Cane Coasters" & Trivet. Also our Hanukkah Coasters as well. (see coasters)
  • Follow us on our new  account.
  •  proud ASI supplier 76159
  •  Also proud supplier members of the OFSA (Funeral Service Assoc) making memorial tiles for them & others.
  • Remodeling and Home Design
     also see our products featured on Houzz
  • Dealer /Distributor requests are welcomed. 
  • FAQ  - answering all the 'hard stuff'. see FAQ

Give Us Your Photo's Or Pictures.

And Through A Unique Manufacturing Process, (we term: "Chemology") we manufacture

these same Pictures/Images/Patterns - On Porcelain or Ceramic Tiles (or plates, mugs, Christmas ornaments, Pool Floor Bottoms and Pet Products!

(we can also put those same photo's on tile for counter tops, walls, floors and outside murals , signage and down to dinner plates and mugs and memorial photo tiles too.)

Shower wall showing mountains and lake...on 4 " wall tile.

Our tiles and dinner plates use a special process that we call "Chemology" which is a system that relies more on "chemistry" than "technology". Do your remember seeing ancient art, drawn sometimes in color on ancient cave walls?  That was their knowledge of chemistry or chemical reactions to clay than on technology.  And porcelain is a lot of fancy polished clay!

We Give A Warranty On Our Work

Our images are long lasting and you can have a 10 year or 25 year warranty on our images not fading. This warranty applies to the pictures and images on the tile murals and floors but also our  porcelain dishware.

Nobody out there gives a warranty - but we do. And we will put it in writing too!

Here is our booth at the April (Spring) Aurora Home Show showing our incredible 'swimming pool' tempered glass tile floor.

This floor looks so 'real', that people attending the show were afraid to walk on it - even though you can drive a truck on it!

They didn't know if it was a work of art, or wet water...

This floor is architecturally specified and commercial grade. You can drive a car on this floor - its that durable. Of course we can use any picture or wording you want - it doesn't have to be a pool - with a cute bikini girl swimming in it!

See our (very busy booth) at the "Interior Design Show" in Toronto Canada.  To see our other pictured products please see our link page www.AllPictured.com also www.TileDesigns.co to see our accent tiles.

This above video you can click the 'Bandwidth Auto' to determine your internet speed (it may still take a moment to load).  In this video you will see our pictured tile floor, pictured tile walls, This video was shot on the Friday of the Interior Design Show (we ran out of business cards and flyers in the first 90 minutes of the show and brought our printer in to print more flyers on the fly).

Our Process Will Change Your Tiles From Boring to Awesome!

We use standard tiles many are:
Sizes (2" to 4" and 6, 8, 10 and 12")
Also our tiles WILL NOT FADE.
Indoor or Outdoor or Floors we've got you covered.

For Good Credit We Can At Times Also Extend Financing.

We also manufacture dinner plates for restaurants as well as wedding's and business.
See our Dinner Plates

We also make up to 1200 d.p.i. porcelain mugs.  This one we wanted to show you the "What a  Mom" wording with a quaint little town at night that had its lights on - charming.    You can see more of our porcelain printed photo mugs here.

We also can print INSIDE the mug.
(food grade, and full colour - great for website names inside the mug too).

Hope you had a Merry Christmas! - 
see our newest Christmas Mugs.
With our famous printing INside the mug and on the handle too (nobody does this!)
more mugs here

We also make porcelain Christmas Ornaments. You personalize and customize the image and picture/look you want and we will make them for you.  Guaranteed with warranty NOT to fade (we always put it in writing) 

November 12 2014
Canadian Remembrance Day

We had the honor and pleasure to create dozens of 6 inch tiles for the Canadian Legion and their hall. Showing many heroic and amazing scenes of history for all to remember the cost and lives that were lost - yet not lost in vain, but to give us as Scripture says "hope and a future".  And all we can say is "Thank-you" and we ill never "forget"...

The Image above is the layout of all the finished tiles but not installed yet.

The 2 (two) photos below show how the tiles were installed and the overall design.

These were put in the only Canadian Legion Museum in Canada.

We took snapshots of some of the aging and old newspaper photos and images they had. And then to keep them, made them into tile and they now grace the walls in the Legion Museum.  So you can see start to finish and the best way to help them and be patriotic is to give on Remembrance Day in Canada and Memorial Day in the United States.

Outside Tile

We have the only manufactured process that can produce full color tile and install them outside! This process is called Solar Tile.  Its also used for cemetery 'head stones' for humans and pets.
Our Outside Tile is UV resistant and Graffiti resistant (graffiti is removed simply with nail polish remover).

100 year Guarantee NOT to fade because of UV.

Outside Pictured Tile

 Detroit Tigers Baseball Team Florida Spring Training Facility.

Swimming Pool Bottoms! Your design.
Who can do jobs like this? We Can!
These are fish and whales printed on tile and on the bottom of the pool!

Sides of Pool Walls...Want to jump in and see a dolphin in the water?
That is what the 'look' appears like, when we put our pictured tile dolphin on the side wall of your pool!

Note: these are 2" tile.

Others put sharks or coral or sting rays with photos on the tile now installed on the bottom floor of the pool. When diving in, beware! It looks like a shark down there....it really does!

Or any designs on tiles you may want the pool to look like.
Some resorts use it as a corporate logo too!

Inside Tiles
for walls or floors

A dock walk to island beach, does it get any better than that?  The yellow and white labels are the 'map' or 'layout' so that that tiles get installed fast, without figuring out where the dock 'floor boards' go! Stickers are removed easily after installation.
Pictures and Photos on Tiles create entire worlds in new renovations, custom building, decor upgrading.
Definitely the "WOW" factor again for these porcelain tiles.

We had fun with this picture, we call it "The Path".  Here it is in two photos/images: One picture is the tile just after it was manufactured, the other picture was the install.  See what a difference this tiled wall mural, makes on this executive resort washroom!

Imagine this "Executive Bathroom" would look like with a plain ceramic tile or painted wall? Our images and pictures on tile change those boring walls into New Portals
to step in to!

This gorgeous back splash opens a window in this kitchen. With the matching small colored tile near the base of our pictured tile, just 'finishes it all off'.

Create Your Own Design or pattern for the tile mural....
Don't need a photograph per se.

Commercial Kitchen Back Splash Tiled Wall Mural.

Call us toll free 1 855 410 8797 or 1 416 410 8797

This is the beautiful stony beach area, that was captured by one of our customers, wanting a large 12" wall tile made into a long mural, to be part of the border on a wall in her home...stunning when it was all said and done!

Your tiles, will be all numbered on the back with a 'map' so that your ceramic installer can easily put together your new wall or floor.
We can create your design, or give us a snap shot or picture of what you would like your tile to look like, and it will be manufactured for you.

Average jobs take 2 weeks and we UPS or FedEx (whatever is least expensive) out to you when done
. We also use often Canada Post or USPS with discounts for Canada and USA.

For Commercial Or Business "Pictured
Tile" (which is our commercial glass pictured tile) click here.

Thanks so much for the great looking tile!
It's everything we had hoped for....
I will be giving you a call in the next few days as I have many other photos (jpg's) that I'd like to consider tiling, but would like to discuss some options.....
Thanks again for the prompt service and the great job!
Kevin Scofield
Morrison, CO

Washroom Wall

Shower Walls and Spas
This sword fish, changes the look of a Spa Wall doesn't it.
What about putting this fish tile image on the side of a pool wall?
Our tiles can be created to do that too.
The process can make the photo on virtually any sized tile. Also
we can create the mural pictured tile to be used indoors or outdoors,
or water resistant like a pool too!
Really its not so much the water in the pool as the U.V. Sun Light that is the trouble.
But not with our Solar Tile, it has a guarantee NOT to fade in the sun - and
that is a Written 100 Year Guarantee, as well!

Have a question?  Call us 416 410 8797
or toll free 1 888 271 4208

Restaurant Wall Tile Above and Counter Wall Tile.
Ocean Palm Tree View for Washroom.
Beautiful Beach Wall Tile Mural.

I just wanted to let you know that I received the tiles in perfect
condition yesterday and I can't wait to install. They are even better
than I imagined!
Thanks again
Lisa Lubbert
Montreal Canada

As, shown in the above bathroom installation. The photo wasn't taken from a camera but from the world of art.  We can take art work (like oil on canvas) and put that on tile or enlarge it making it a backsplash or a new floor. All we need is a quality photo.
  There is really no limit to what can be done in terms of design.

Here are some of our pictured tile floors or 'photo floors' in glass tile as well as some of our commercial / business display in our portfolio.

See More Of Our Picture Tile Portfolio Here 

Upload Your Photo or Image To Us
(its easy to do, the above link brings you to our other website)

Call us 416 410 8797 or 1 855 410 8797 for more details.

Any Picture, Photo or Digital Image can be manufactured:
On to stone, ceramic, porcelain and tempered glass.
We make advertising, kitchen redecorating, back splashes, cemetery head stones, corporate entrance logos, swimming pools, restaurant walls and much more.
Imagination Required

1 855 410 8797 or 416 410 8797 or showroom direct 905 853 1000

Sales Office & Showroom:
1166 Gorham Street
Unit 5 
Newmarket Ontario L3Y 8W4


Our USA warehouse is:
Paris Group Inc.
Attn: Benlin
2769 Broadway
Unit XP0250
Buffalo NY


Contact Information to Paris Group Inc.

So we can address your need in a timely manner, kindly tell us what you need. Murals or tile work, dinner plates or restaurant dishware printed or personal printed gifts (single orders to Wedding Gifts or Favors) or larger needs, bulk orders or distributorship request...please complete form below and send to us!
Thank - you!!

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